Monthly Archives: May 2015

Tortured by Spring Views


With Spring here it’s time to talk about a favorite torture method of the Evil Cubicle Overseers (ECOs)…..forcing cubicle dwellers to look outside while keeping them chained to their desks.  In wars it’s called ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.  But in our daily Cubite lives it’s just business as usual.

I was driving around this week running errands and drove through a couple office parks that had little green open spaces nestled between the buildings.  There were some walking trails, some exercise equipment, and everything was turning green.  Do you know how many people I saw actually taking advantage of this nature….ZERO!  That’s because they were all locked up in their cubicle kingdoms.


And the picnic tables are always a particularly comical accessory….like anyone actually has time to go outside and sit down to have lunch!  Once again everyone is chained to their desk eating microwaved Hot Pockets or Lean Cuisines…..or a big bowl of spaghetti like this guy.

Several times I’ve tried to work from the outside patio at the cubicle kingdom I’m assigned to.  Usually during the spring or fall when the temperatures are perfect and I can find shade so as to still see my laptop screen.  The responses from both ECOs and my fellow Cubites have been amazing.

The ECOs naturally think I’m avoiding their assignments and working on my tan.  ‘How can anyone concentrate and be productive if they’re not at their desks?’ they ask one another while staring at me outside like I’m a feature at a zoo.

My fellow Cubites look at me aghast that I have exited the kingdom….and continue watching me like an experiment to see if I’m going to explode or melt or simply dissolve away because I’ve broken the kingdom rules.

But I don’t…..I simply get work done and enjoy the weather! :-)