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It’s Goal Time….Make Them Count!

goalsHello Cubites…..welcome to 2016!

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten back in your dreary cubicle routine after the relaxing holidays and tons of time off. :-)

Or, if you’re like me it’s a toss-up which was worse….spending the holidays with family in a cramped house, or only getting one day off for Xmas and one for New Year’s.  Maybe you were lucky and had some vacation time left and were able to take a couple days… spend in your cramped house with relatives that you only see once a year and barely know.

Wow, now I’ve depressed myself with flashbacks……time for some old spiked eggnog to make me feel better……or give me stomach issues….but hey, then I can stay home tomorrow!!!!! :-)

OK, so on to the real topic of today’s post……setting your 2016 goals to keep the ECOs happy and show you’re dedicated to your cubicle existence.

First of all, I like to work from the principle “start low and work up”.  What does that mean you ask?  Well, it means don’t try to think of some crazy lofty goal that you think will impress your ECO boss, because it won’t.  If you give them an inch, they’ll smile and ask for two….then four….then eight…..and you get the picture.

So start with something simple, like ‘getting to work on time’ or ‘filing my weekly report by Friday’.  These give you a lot of room for over-performance….and that means a better review and bigger raise!  If instead you choose something like ‘launch product X by June’ you are simply doomed for failure and a poor review.  And trying to make excuses for underperformance to ECOs never works…..NEVER!!!!!

Next, building off of my example of a poor goal above, don’t commit to any completion or delivery dates sooner than Q4….. or December 31, 2016 if you can get away with it.  This will help to keep ECOs off your back since they will take your date and put it in THEIR goals.  And that means they will ride you like the picture below…..

Fat Man on Donkey….because they want to make sure they look good to their bosses.

Finally, make sure to select a goal that will make your ECO boss look good.  Maybe you can suggest to ‘pick up their dry cleaning twice a week’ or ‘wash their car’ every month.  Whatever you choose here, just make sure it’s of a low enough level that you can over perform….because as I’ve preached, over performing in the ECO’s eyes is the key to getting that super review and a big fat raise!

Good luck!…..and start planning what you’re going to do with that big raise next year! :-)