What Are We Called?????

Cubite 1Before I dive into telling stories about my life in the cubicle kingdom, I want to take a post and share with you a few of my definitions about cube life.  First of all, those of us that toil away day after day in cubes are called ‘Cubites’ (pictured above).  The world we live in goes by many names, but I like ‘Cubicle Kingdom’ because we are really like serfs, ruled over by ‘Evil Cubicle Overseers’…..or ECOs, and we have our little plot of land to use to try and produce something useful for the ECOs.Evil Mgr

To envision an ECO, just look at this picture above.

Look familiar? I’m sure it does.  And this poor sap is just getting a request to get his reports in on-time.  Imagine if the ECO was REALLY upset!





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