Laying Out the Perfect Cubicle


OK, today we’re going to discuss the perfect cubicle design.  How you lay out your cube is very important because it can help you either survive or perish in the cubicle kingdom.

Item #1 – Placement of your monitor and chair
This is important for obvious reasons….you don’t want people walking by to see what you’re REALLY doing.  This allows you to pass the time reading your favorite book, blog, website, or anything else while still looking busy.  And if anyone walks by you can always have a frustrated look on your face like you’re working on something important so they’ll just keep on walking.

Item #2 – Papers and folders and books laid out on your desk
Using this technique, it always looks like you have a lot going on and people will be impressed…especially the ECOs.  They’ll be afraid to give you more work or try to pawn their work off to you because you might loose it and start running around the office like a crazy person.  Fear is a powerful weapon with ECOs :-)

Item #3 – Hiding spot for naps
Since ECOs believe that work is only being done when their Cubites are at their desks, it’s important to be able to be on display at all hours.  This means that for most ‘normal’ people a nap is required to make it through a ‘supposed’ 12 hour day.  Alas the need for a nap spot.  I usually put mine behind a set of horizontal filing cabinets (see picture).  And don’t forget to put a sticky note on your monitor saying ‘In Meetings – Back at X o’clock’.

Good luck and happy napping!

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