Rule of Survival #1: Look Busy!

Carrying Paper In order to make it in the cubicle kingdom, it’s very important to know and live by the “Cubicle Weenie Rules of Survival”.

Today we’re going to review Rule #1:  Always Look Busy

I’m sure this is advice you’ve heard before and are saying “ya ya Lead Cubite, tell me something I don’t know!”.

Well……the key is in HOW you look busy.  And that’s where most advice columns and ‘experts’ get things wrong.  So I’m going to cover my suggestions below.  Because if you’re not convincing then you’re creating an even bigger problem for yourself…..Overseer scrutiny!

So one trick I like to use is to always walk around with a pad of paper and pen (as seen above).  This makes it look like you are always going to or coming back from a meeting.  And make sure to have some scribbles on the paper so it looks like you’ve been busy taking notes.  It doesn’t matter what’s actually written, just that SOMETHING is written.  So let’s see what’s on my important list….

Carrying Paper Zoomed

Hmmmmm…..groceries, the phone bill, lunch plans……sounds like I was at a very important meeting, huh? :-)

Another trick I like to use is to ‘walk with a purpose’.  This means don’t amble wherever you’re going….walk with a brisk gate and a determined / focused look on your face… if you don’t make it to the restroom you’re going to have a mess in your pants!  This will make everyone think you’ve got a lot going on….even if you’re just heading around the halls for exercise or down to the coffee bar for a little ‘pick me up’!

That’s all for now…..I’ve got a very important meeting to go to! :-)

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