Secret of Survival #2: Leave Your Brain Outside


I am often asked “Jack, how do you keep from going crazy in the cubicle kingdom dealing with the ECOs?….they always are changing their minds and slowing progress on projects with their crazy requests for 15 ‘status’ reports and multiple ‘alignment’ meetings and not being able to make a decision!”.

Well, my answer is simple….leave your brain outside the cubicle.  Have a nice resting spot for it in your car or locker in the building, but DO NOT TAKE IT INTO YOUR CUBE!!!!!  Doing so is like mixing matter and anti-matter….BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!Exploding headYou see, when you try to use your brain at work you get all wrapped up in trying to think logically, and that is never a good thing because….well….work and ECOs are illogical.

spok-illogicalIn fact, I have yet to see any situation in the cubicle kingdom that really makes any sense.  Strategies, goals, budgets, HR, products developed, ‘action plans’, ‘tiger teams’, and on and on.

People come to my cube to vent and be consoled about their ‘unique’ situation….and all I tell them is “stop using logic”.  They usually shake their heads and walk away knowing my advice is sound.

Then when I see them later in the day I ask how things are going and they repond with a smile on their face “wonderful!, I was able to force that square peg into the round hole and got a big pat on the back by my ECO!”

….I rest my case :-)